Church Wedding hymns and readings from the Bible HD

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This app will help you as a couple and choose your Church wedding readings and hymns together, finding texts that you can identify with and that illustrate your love and faith.
The app is organized in categories to help you find the perfect match, for each ot the four Bible readings usually done at a Catholic wedding ceremony:
1. A portion from the Old Testament
2. A responsorial Psalm (which may be read, or sung)
3. A portion from the New Testament epistles
4. A portion from the Gospels
The last category offers a great selection of wedding hymns.

If your wedding does not fall on a Sunday or a holy day, you may choose your wedding readings. The Liturgy of the Word includes a reading from the Old Testament (the first reading), a responsorial psalm, a reading from the New Testament (the second reading), and finally the Gospel. Just as most churches do not allow secular music, many will not allow anything other than Catholic wedding readings. Keep in mind that a Catholic wedding is a liturgy, or a prayer. Thus, all music or readings used in the liturgy must be identified as a prayer.

REMINDER: Each church and/or priest has different rules and requirements regarding Catholic wedding readings. Always speak with your priest early on in your planning stages to determine which Catholic wedding readings are right for you.